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Talboxx.com can provide high tech and
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What is talboxx.com?

Talboxx.com is an affordable ATS & multichannel sourcing platform specially designed for medium and small recruitment companies.

Talboxx.com helps recruitment companies increase productivity by saving CV cost, improve sourcing, automate key processes, team collaboration and management control.

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Talboxx Features

How will Talboxx help you?

CV Repository

CV portals have become very costly, therefore it is important to store CV's in one searchable place so that you don't have to buy same CV repeatedly.

High Recruiters attrition

Recruiters attrition is usually very high, when they leave you lose database and eventually clients too. Talboxx helps in business continuity.

Team collaboration

Many collaboration tools of Talboxx promote team work and motivates recruiters to turn more efforts. Work can be shared between teams seamlessly.

Management control

Talboxx offers better management control by filtering access controls to recruiters and monitor performance real time and through reports.

Productivity improvement

What solution Talboxx has?

Talboxx.com has many productivity tools that can turn an average recruiter into a superstar by helping in

  • Sourcing
  • Screening
  • Interviews Scheduling
  • Document Collection

Key processes can be automated to cut down time significantly. Think of it as Talboxx will make sourcing and processing CV far easier & more effectively than what it is now .


Increase your CV count

Unique aspect of Talboxx is that it is not just a great ATS but also a multi-channel sourcing tool that will increase your CV count. Talboxx can support

  • Social media sourcing
  • Third party portal
  • Job board support
  • Networking
  • etc.,
CV count

Try and pay!

Talboxx is specially designed for Recruitment companies with 1- 100 recruiters. Talboxx keeps pricing pressures of recruitment companies in mind and provides most affordable costs for the unique ATS plus sourcing combination with automated processes.

Ask for our "Try and pay" model that ensures you can actually use it before buying it!!

IT infrastructure

Easy IT infrastructure

Your company does not need to invest anything on IT infrastructure . Your recruiters just need a PC and internet connection to get started! you save on cost too.


Transparent pricing

annual Sign up cost

INR 10,000

Additional login per recruiter for annual INR 5,000

More than 5GB storage cost per 10,000 CV INR 5,000

  • 10 recruiter logins free for the year!
  • Free job post on Talboxx
  • 5 GB CV repository (Storage)
Feature List

Unique ATS and Sourcing Features

Feature list In-Subscription Additional Payment
Free job post on Talboxx .com
Social media sourcing
Internal referral
Interview scheduling
Document collection
Create teams / Collaboration
MIS / Reports
Job posting services on other popular portals
Specially Designed

For recruitment companies

IT infrastructure

Go digital @ affordable cost

Talboxx is specially designed for recruitment companies who want to make their processes digital, prevent loss due to attrition, improve productivity through Tech automation, improve sourcing capability but do not want to spend too much on an costly ATS or additional IT infrastructure!

Having a chat with us won't cost you, but will help you become digital! Just fill up your contact details and convenient time and we will call you.

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