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You may have some questions


  • Do you recruit or manage a recruitment team ?
  • Do you have too less CV’s for your Jobs ? Want more and diverse candidate options ?
  • Or you have too many CV’s and difficulty selecting ? Want few good CV’s selection?
  • Or is Hiring taking too much time ? Want closures in lesser time?
  • … And we know Recruitment can get a bit monotonous and heavy isn’t it? Want to make it fun ?


If you said Yes ,then we have something interesting for you .Talboxx provides multiple sourcing channels including social media to provide you max CV’s even for niche jobs. Strong Search and selection tools of Talboxx will help you select the most relevant candidates. Automated systems and productivity tools cuts your process time a lot and leave you with more time on hand. Talboxx makes hiring fun by introducing new networks & friends to you, earns you credit points and gift vouchers to appreciate your hard work ! It's nothing like what you have seen before ! Sign up for FREE and explore!!


So what’s Talboxx ? Talboxx.com is an online multi-channel sourcing , selection and collaboration platform that makes recruitment fun ! …. and it's mostly free (No credit card required too)…well, actually pays you back with amazing vouchers !


Best for individual recruiters or teams who work for companies or hiring firms . Sign up for free and start earning credits and vouchers! You can bring your recruitment friends too!


*Except when you use third party services (or) buy from other users.

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All eggs in one basket?

As a recruiter do you depend on a single portal? Missing out on great candidates on different portals? Talboxx can help.


Socially shy?

As a recruiter, are you engaging in SocialMedia? are your Jobs on SocialMedia? You can do that in a click on Talboxx.



Talboxx makes you a great communicator! Recruiter can instantly message candidates and manage responses. Recruiters can communicate with Team members working on a Job. Recruiter can leave notes for future reference. Can use colored flags to mark candidates. Candidates can get updates on Whatsapp.


We are from the Agency!

Engage your existing agency and find new ones. If you are an Agency you can be on the same page as your clients and collaborate better. Agencies can find new clients on Talboxx.


Hit the screen!

You have too many CVs and want to select just a few. Talboxx can screen for you.


Smells like team spirit?

Want to call in help from your A-Team recruiter friends on a Job you are processing? Collaborate - You can configure your Teams, Stages and Members on Talboxx.


Can Recommend?

Do you have great candidate you would like to recommend? You can recommend your worthy candidates to another recruiter's jobs and earn credits!


Post jobs for free. Actually, Post & Earn!

You can not only post jobs for free on Talboxx but also earn for every good job you post, that helps candidates. Signup and find out more on how you can earn credits. Talboxx will help you not only promote your job on Linkedin, Facebook, etc but also help you earn credits from your network.


Mr. Sherlocks?

As a Recruiter would you like to find Talent that's with another recruiter you are not even connected with? Talboxx can seek in a click.



Team Size



Network Channels



Add Friends



Earning Ways

What Talboxx Offer


Screening & Assessment?

You can create customized screening and assessment tests for your candidates, and select the best of them. You can also automate screening and save time.


Easy Interviews

You can easily schedule interviews and use multiple features. You can also automate interview scheduling and save your time.


Request & Share documents

You can request (or) send documents to your candidates easily. You can also automate and save your time.


Schedule Mails

You can schedule customized mails to candidates at all the important hiring stages.


Stop duplication

Talboxx features prevent you and your team working on duplicate CVs. You get real-time update on action taken on CVs.



You can automate your recruitment process like interview, screening, mails and document sharing (or) request. Talboxx will automatically schedule screening assessment, interview and send (or) request documents as the candidate passes through different customized process set by you.

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