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Note - In 'Crowd Sourcing - Job Board' you can view and submit resumes to Jobs posted by other Recruiters. ... You can use upload button to upload CV from your computer. For these uploaded CVs Talboxx will seek candidate's permission, for submitting their CVs to the uploaded job. Once candidate approves the CV will be sent to the other recruiter. Talboxx also will automatically match resumes in your repository and show them under 'Resume Match' option. You can further click and view it and submit. When you submit CVs under the 'Resume Match' if the candidate has pre-approved Networking the CVs will be immediately sent to other recruiters. If not, Talboxx will first seek permission from the candidate and will send your CV to other recruiter. If the other recruiter accepts the CV you will receive credit points as per Credit Usage Policy. You can also share this job on your Social Media and any candidate who will apply will be counted as your CV and you will earn credit points as per Credit Usage Policy. Please note when your candidates CV is shared with other recruiter, it will be masked and only skill-sets, etc can be searched. The other recruiter can see full details only after it is purchased from you.

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